Social media marketing

Social media marketing is probably one of the most efficient way to get your message,
product or service in front of your future customers!
Whether it is Facebook,Instagram or linkedin, it is important to keep in mind that everyone is on social media,
including your potential buyers.

  • Strategy

    We learn about your business and objectives to guide you into getting the best strategy that will double tripple or 10X your ROI. From E-commerce product placement strategy to the creation of automated sales funnel  bringing you clients on autopilot. We craft a custom strategy for YOUR business.

  • Audience research – laser targeting

    To ensure we get our ads in front of the right audience we proceed to a research going through an extensive list of criterias. We are able to use laser targeting methods that will land your ads just in front of the right persons.

  • Ad designs

    Once we know who your audience is, we craft  unique visuals that will support your message. We respect the visual identity of your business and its brand guidelines to ensure your identity stays consistent and memorable.

  •  Ad copy

    We craft engaging ad copies that will get your audience hooked and make them want to click to learn more about what you propose! We use different text, title variations to find the best cost per acquisition of your potential client.

  • Ad placement and on going optimization

    Once we placed your newly engaging ads in an organized way in the facebook ad management panel, we then run tests with small money amounts to make sure your budget doesn’t get wasted. We do A/B tests to find the best performing ads. We manage your ads on a daily basis and adjusts them to get you the best return on investment.

  • Remarketing

    Retargeting people who previously engaged with your business is the best way to improve your conversions. We use dynamic ads that will automatically show to your audience  the most relevant products and ads across Instagram and Facebook based on the actions they’ve previously taken on your site.

  • Weekly  reports

    Finally, we present you reports so you know how your ads performed and how much profit you made based on your initial investment. If it is a client, we take in account the acquisition value to determine your R,O,I.

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