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To acquire online traffic for your business and improve your client acquisition,
it is necessary to invest in search engine marketing (SEM).
Whether it is paid for through Google adwords, or organic through SEO services,
we are here to guide you!

On-page optimization

This optimization ensures that the content of your pages complies with the visibility standards established by Google.
Here, we optimize the content of your website to ensure that it matches the keywords for which your company wishes to be visible and ranked for. We improve the speed of your pages and use the right structure allowing the search engines to favor you for the classification of its sites. A precise structure is required for your page to rank. The titles, sub-titles, pages and descriptions of your pages must be optimized.

Off-page optimization

To prove that your site is credible with search engines, we must boost the authority of your pages. There are several ways to make your site relevant and reliable to Google. Among these, the generation of external links also called backlinks building.
External links from other authority sites pointing to your site let the engines know that your website is popular and reliable.

  • Complete website audit

    The Google search engine takes into account specific criterias for its websites classification.
    To reveal the elements to improve on your site, we evaluate all the points that will allow you to be favored and better positioned by the search engines. We assess the architecture of your site, the relevance of its content for the keywords for which you should be positioned and found by your users as well as all factors external to your site impacting its visibility.
    We finally provide you with this detailed report so that you understand in detail how to reach the first page of google.

  • Best keywords

    We use our SEO software to find the most relevant keywords searched by your potential customers on google and to know the volume of traffic you can receive with our SEO services. We are able to evaluate your competiton and give you a realistic estimate of the SEO efforts required to outperform your competitors.

  • ¬†On site / Off site optimization

    We optimize all the elements of your site from their architecture, its urls, titles, Tags, Meta tag to the creation of content based on your keywords. We create natural links on authority sites so that Google ranks you at the top of the ranks.

  • Weekly & Monthly reports with supporting results.

    Finally, we present you with fortnightly reports with results to support the progression of your website in the ranks. Google.

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