Web Design Montreal

Atoll Digital is a Montreal web design agency.
In the digital age, we believe it is essential to provide the best user experience
for your visitors to make them your future customers. We fancy clean and minimalist designs.
Communicating the essence of your message visually in the most efficient and clear manner possible is our priority!

Montreal web design
  • Research & Strategy

    We do extensive research to establish the best angle and visual strategy to make your website memorable. We establish the graphic standards and the visual design of the website linked to your industry which will speak to your audience and encourage them to interact as much as possible.

  • Planning

    For each website design, we plan all the requirements dedicated to the proper development and functioning of the website.
    We make models to determine the UI (User Interfaces) of the site. All of our designs are custom made.

  • Prototype (UX)

    We are one of the few agencies that allow the viewing of animations and navigation through videos simulating the user experience (UX) even before your site is created. This means that even at this stage, you can have control over the type of personalized animation that you wish to have for your site to guarantee a result 100% adapted to your expectations.

  • Web Development

    Finally we move on to the programming of our websites. Our developers use extremely rigorous coding standards to ensure the development of flawless websites. Web development is a crucial step for website design and we guarantee strict quality standards.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

    55% of total traffic happens now on mobiles. All our sites are perfectly adapted and optimized for all mobile devices to ensure a flawless experience to your users.

  • Quality Control

    Finally, before putting online, we carry out a quality control to guarantee an impeccable site in terms of functionality.

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