Digital company

Turbulent builds innovative and award-winning digital platforms for video game, education, and media & entertainment companies.


Due to their ongoing success and constant growth, Turbulent was looking to quickly expand their team.
  Atoll proposed an ultra-targeted social media campaign to find the best employees that matched their needs.

Ad designs

Turbulent shared with us the fonts, colors and images that are part of their visual identity and we incorporated them into our campaigns.

Audience research – Laser targeted

We used precise laser targeting techniques to find the best potential candidates for each vacant post the company was looking to fill.

Campaign set up, ,management & optimization

Their website being a web application, we couldn’t use the traditional Facebook pixel method. Instead, we installed Google tags synchronized with our Facebook pixel to track conversions. For each application, we received a dashboard event that precisely measured the performance of each of our ads.

Cost effective

Because we aimed to get the most effective results at a low cost, we launched A / B ads to test visuals, content and audience interests. We then kept the best performing ads.


  • $ 0.39 / total campaign, against $ 2.49 on average.

  • We received a total of 115 highly targeted applications within one month.

  • Our best ads performed $ 0.09 / click.

  • 5,437 clicks on ads and visits in a month.

  • Important positions such as Game producers and main technical roles filled.

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