E-commerce is today a constantly evolving market in which agile development is flourishing. Companies must be able to respond appropriately and that’s why Magento exists.

One in four e-commerce sites in the world is built with Magento, but it is not surprising since it is the most flexible and comprehensive e-commerce platform of its kind.

To convince you, we’ve listed 10 reasons that make Magento an obvious choice for your online store.


1. Extensibility (Scalable)

Magento is adaptive and allows you to extend and evolve your platform according to your needs.


2. It’s an Open Source

This means that developers can customize the source code and add or create extensions or plugins to develop new features.


3. A user-friendly platform

The Magento interface is optimized for site navigation and also allows features to zoom in on products as well as leave comments. The products in your store can be moved easily, which significantly optimizes the organization.


4. Easy to manage

Magento gives you the ability to manage multiple online stores from a single dashboard, saving you a lot of time and effort managing your online sales. It also has features of multi-languages, currency conversion, order management, and transport.


5. Magento is mobile-friendly

With the democratization of online shopping with mobile devices the trend and statistics would indicate that the majority of online purchases will be made from a cell phone or tablet in the future. For those who have not yet made the transition to mobile responsivness (Yes, there are some …), know that Magento will allow you an optimal experience across different browsers and mobile devices.


6. Security and online payment options

Implementing the SSL encryption tool is easy, and  this will reassure your users who want to make their purchases on the platform. Magento offers many online payment options such as PayPal, Simple Pay, Amazon, Google Checkout and Authorize.net.


7. Integration with third-party services

Magento enables integration of applications and plug-ins to optimize your E-commerce payment gateways (mentioned above), marketing automation processes, management tools for shipping and labeling.


8. Analytical tools and data reports

Google Analytics, Google Base and Google Checkout, can be easily installed and will track the behavior and trends of your online shoppers to better manage your marketing budget.


9. Optimized for search engines

Getting traffic with search engines is one of the most effective ways to get a return on your investment. Magento assists you in optimizing your S.E.O and allows you to create URLS, labels and description for your keywords. Not only does Magento help generate traffic, but it also has powerful tools to optimize your conversions and evaluate the average value of orders, including additional sales and cross-selling.

10. Community support

Finally, Magento has a large community of developers around the world who share tips, discuss updates and help each other solve their technical problems via forums.


With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that Magento has been voted best e-commerce platform by many digital medias.

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