Would you like to know how your website performs or how to optimize your content ?

We listed the best tools you can have for your website to get insightful data, take S.E.O decisions, and improve its performance online.


1. Google Analytics




Is it still necessary to present it? If you don’t have Google Analytics implemented on your website in 2018, you are doing it wrong! It takes 1 min to install and it is a must-have.

Google Analytics gives extremely precious information about your users and their actions on your website. Not only it gathers data based on the users behaviors for your different pages, but it also let you know who they are, where they are coming from, understand why they are leaving and ultimately what to focus on to improve your website.

This mine of data, analyzed correctly can literally boost your website conversions and profits. This is the most powerful analytic tool you can find and it is free!


2. GT Metrix



Gt Metrix is extremely useful. It lets you measure your website performance and know such metric as your page loading speed for both desktop and mobile versions, the content that can be optimized and  will even let you know the code of your website that could be improved.

It is a nice tool to make sure you website is fully optimized and perfectly mobile responsive.


3.Google Trends



Google Trends lets you discover the most popular searches on the web worldwide.

Crucial to evaluate the evolution of a specific term, product, or topic, this tool gives you opportunity to find interesting profitable markets or trendy content ideas.


4. Ahrefs



S.E.O (Search engine optimization) is a core element of a website success. Ahrefs allows you to discover what your competitors are doing in terms of link building, the keyword they are using and ultimately help you figure the best strategy to rank higher on google.

Its is probably the best S.E.O tool you can find in 2018, it is fast and the dashboard and the graphics are very easy to understand.



5.Crazy Egg



Crazy Egg is extremely useful when it comes to improve your UX (user experience). This tool lets you watch recordings of visitor interactions on your website. You can know exactly what are the most clicked areas of your page ( through heat maps visuals ) and know what are the most popular sections! It will let you understand what content you need to change or optimize based on your users behaviors.


Those 5 tools should let you adjust your strategy and guide your decisions based on real actual data and metrics. A good understanding of your visitors, competition and content creation will allow your business to reach its online goals.




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