You probably have heard the quote “People lie, actions don’t” in the past.

This is exactly why analytics exist. No matter what people say, actions will always give you the right information. But web analytics aren’t just performance measurement.  They help you understand your customer behaviors to take strategic decisions accordingly. It is the art of data-driven decision making.


Measure your performance


The first thing you will want to know is how well your website doing with your users.

After building your website  and setting up your analytic tool (google analytics is free and probably the best), you will want to see if at least there is no bounce rate. This the first element to pay attention to.

Bounce rate means that your user came on your website, didn’t interact with it at all, and left.

As simple as it seems, identifying the cause of the problem will always require you to put your bounce rate results in parallel with other relevant data. Maybe you brought the wrong traffic because of the wrong keywords. Maybe it is a design problem and even the relevant traffic leaves. Whatever the cause of the problem might be it is an important one to fix as quickly as possible.

If you do not have a bounce rate problem then it is time to check if your website brings you the results you want based on your main business objectives.

But whatever your goal may be, you have to first gather the right data to answer the right questions.


Gather the data to drive strategic decisions


Let the data and the analytics suggest the questions and  highlight the problems your website encounters.

Data analytics will allow you to know such things as :

  • Where you should be spending your advertising budget depending on your most effective traffic sources
  • What content doesn’t get engagement
  • What products work best on your E-commerce
  • Where exactly do you user leave on your website and identify why

You can understand that there is no limit from the insights you can get from your web analytic tool.

It will always come down to identifying the problems to answer the right questions.


Analyze considering your KPI (Key Performance Objectives)


Wether you are trying to get phone calls, e-mail list collection, social engagement ect.. it is important to remember the goals you are trying to achieve and make strategic decisions accordingly. Properly established funnels will lead to the  results you want. Everything should be built and set up to support your main web business objectives.


Adjust to meet your web objectives  and make changes


The right decisions can  help you to develop and focus on certain marketing strategies, and in the end help you make a lot of savings. Frequently ignored or underestimated, analytics are major contributors to healthy and efficient management decision making. They will track actions, provide insights help you adjust your content strategy and scale.



It is important to  see the big picture when analyzing. Based on the difference that are occurring within time and the decisions you took you will be able to identify your website problems.

Other tool such as heat maps can be extremely helpful to understand exactly if your design is effective and lead to the right sections.







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