UX design evolves quickly. From flat design to flat design 2.0, static to dynamic content, the end goal remains the same : improve the user experience.

As a core element of any digital business success, it requires to stay up to date aesthetically as well as using the latest technologies. Here are the main UX design trends to watch in 2019:


From flat design to material design



Flat Design brought a minimalist approach, displaying clean, bright colors through 2D illustrations. It is heavily used today and has been a design standard for a few years now already.

Although material design has its own characteristics, it still keeps some well established principles common to flat design such as :

  • Minimalism
  • Sharp edges
  • Bright or pastel colors

So what’s new with the material design trend?


  • The shift of 2d design into 3d


Perspective and depth will bring a new interesting twist to the shapes. They will be designed with a careful attention to subtle lighting and soft shading.


  • Animations  created in a 3 dimensional space


New layers of interactivity will be added by using animations.


  • Adaptability


3d material will be adaptive to any devices, dynamic shapes and design will be built for a superior user experience.


Voice-command will still grow


Voice-command technology has been revolutionizing the way we interact with our devices.

From Google Home to Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, the trend allows user to save time by avoiding physical interactions .

Voice-command searches are expected to reach  50% of all search engine queries in 2020.


Increasing the content experience



  • Video is stronger than ever


Video allows the user to digest information quickly and brings storytelling on the front line.

People connect emotionally more than rationally, and having the ability to touch people hearts through compelling stories remains the most effective marketing strategy.


  • Personalization of content


Curated and adapted content keep rising and provide tailored digital experiences. (ex : The user gets products suggestions based on his interests and collected data.)


  • Clear and smooth text display



Overloading text on a page can quickly turn its design into a mess. Big bold fonts will be privileged to give clear text display and simplify the content consumption.


UX design trends don’t evolve in a destructive way. They rather improve and refine aesthetics that were previously the standards. To be properly understood and put in place, they require to understand the background and design changes that occurred over time.


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