What is UX  design about ?


You may have heard of the term UX design before. If you are new to this term, you might be wondering “What kind of language is this?”.

UX design stands for User Experience Design, and was invented by Don Norman in 1995 during his position as Vice President of the Advanced Technology Group at Apple. For him, UX embodies the entire user experience with a product, system, or service, and includes the interface, industrial design, graphics, physical interactions, and even the manual.

But, as we know it now through the rapid growth of technology, it is included as a core element of business development. Without a proper UX design process, the development of any project will be difficult, since the developers will have little direction on how to approach the project.

The UX design defines a users perceptions and responses during the use of a system or service. In terms of website design, the UX design typically needs to be directed to favoring traffic growth. It is the UX that brings the visitor from the homepage to purchasing a product or service.


How does it impact your business ?


The user interface (UI) aims to provide an attractive interface to the users. The UI is part of the UX and it helps to solidify the visual aspect of the presented products or services. A well designed UI will lead to more credibility for your business and hence, more conversions.

Knowing this, you should by now understand the importance of having a good UX. The UX is how you want to make your visitor feel in order to encourage them to make a decision or buy your products or services.

The quality of your UX design can either tarnish your brand image or improve its awareness. So be sure to keep your website on top of the newest technologies in user experience and interface design to provide the best possible website experience to your visitors.



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