The success of an e-commerce store depends on many factors, including its user experience (UX), user interface (UI), content, design, SEO, social media strategy and so on. Even with a well optimized E-commerce store the average conversion rate is around 2%.

With so many different elements to consider it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts. On your website there are 8 essential factors to check that can increase your conversions.


1 – A  mobile responsive design


52% of E-commerce revenues come from mobile. This stat just in itself should encourage you to make sure your E-commerce is fully mobile responsive. Providing a flawless user experience on all devices is a top priority!


2 – Optional registration ( Guest checkout )


There are a lot of sites that ask people to sign up before allowing them to proceed further. Many businesses don’t provide access to their platform unless people sign up.

People hate forced actions, and being forced to register to be able to purchase will make your users leave. Providing a guest checkout option can simplify the process for the user and will just make his experience better.


3 –  High quality pictures


E-commerce principal challenge is to ensure that people can enjoy the same benefits as the ones offered by the physical stores.

Since it is not  possible for your users to try directly the products, their only way of judging your products is the images. You always want to make sure you are using clear and high quality images that can provide a maximum of details.


4 – Product Descriptions


Product descriptions drive conversions! It is the textual aspect of your business. It is where  you provide all the necessary informations about your product. Users should be convinced by your description to take their final decision.


5 – Social proof


If you read  ”The Psychology Of Persuasion” By Robert B. Cialdini, you should already be familiar with this principle. It is a universal one and applies as a gold rule if you are trying to sell something.

In our case, we are talking about having customers reviews for our products. People confronted to something new will tend to trust what other people are doing or suggesting. Having positive reviews from previous customers will encourage your new users to purchase.


6 – A clear and strong Call To Action (CTA)


CTA is a major component of your conversion rate. You want to make sure that it stands out and contrast with the other parts of your page.  Users should feel naturally compelled to click it.


7 – Customer support


It is necessary for the user to be able to reach you anytime if he has any questions or there is a problem with the purchase. A live chat module can be installed so he can reach your business anytime. Live chats have been voted as one of the highest ranked support asset a website can have.


8 – Analytics


This is your hidden detective.  You will always want to figure out what to improve on your website based on your user behaviors. There will be no better insights than data to help you understand  your website results.  A proper understanding of analytics could save you a lot of money. The best free tool to install is google analytics, it is also very easy to install.





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