When it comes to the design of your website, you want to make sure you are providing the best UX  to your website visitors.

Every company website must provide a uniquely designed user experience, depending the company needs and how they want to direct their users. There is no one size fits all!

Through our experiences, we have determined that there are 3 main steps to follow to ensure that you are making the right choices regarding your UX.  


The user research


It is necessary to know how your users feel about your website. Although your website may be created by your developers and design team, they will need to keep in mind that the UX is dedicated towards your audience and users. And, although some features might be interesting for the creators, they might not always be well suited for your website function or your audience type.

A thorough research of your users and niche will help you understand the way you should best approach the development of your UX. Surveys and interviews will help you define user personas, and will help you have a better outline of your potential users.




The term design as it relates to UX is often misunderstood. It doesn’t simply mean the visual aesthetics of the website, but it also relates to the overall user experience on the website.

When accessing a new website for the first time, the new users tend to follow a certain behavior based on their previous interactions and experiences with other similar websites. This is why, it is necessary to provide them the best experience.

“You don’t need a stylus” said Steve Jobs in 2007 when presenting the I-Phone. This user experience advancement gave the the possibility to users to use their fingers to interact with the phone features and functions. This was an exciting upgrade for mobile phone users. And like Steve Jobs with his I-Phone, the UX you provide with your website must be able to solve the problems that users encounter or improve their experience.



Testing plays a huge role in the UX design development process. It ensures that the problems that are encountered in earlier stages of development are fixed by the team. The testing process can differ based on the type of website you are providing and the audience you are targeting.

Firstly, it is important to choose people who best match your user base (see user research above). Secondly, it is essential to have the testing being done by people from outside the product development. You should always try to seek neutrality and fresh eyes to test your product at various stages throughout the development process.

Conducting a user research, having a solid design and an efficient testing will ensure your website is on the right track to provide the best adapted experience to your users.



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